Educational Visits

Dr. Patel provides remote educational consultations to individuals across the country who are seeking guidance on their gut health journey or wish to have a 2nd opinion outside of their primary gastroenterologist. These visits can also be utilized for people residing OUTSIDE of California seeking a professional medical opinion. These consultations cover a range of topics, including all GI symptoms, previously completed result reviews, and alternative diagnosis/ treatment options for your GI symptoms. Please note that these consultations do not establish a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Patel and Dr. Patel will not be making diagnoses, ordering tests, or recommending treatments.

Educational visits can also be utilized for wellness visits if you would like to engage in stress management sessions (breathing sessions, tapping sessions, etc) as this can help mitigate your GI symptoms. Click on the links below to schedule an appointment. If you more questions about our remote educational consultations, please email us at